Food Security and Quality: the wisdom

This is our future that is at stake.

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from Malkiel

We need to listen…and learn from others  

All of this is much easier to achieve by listening to and working with nature. A mantra of one of my energy teachers says it best “Energy flows where attention goes.”.   

Part of a co-creation involves respecting and accepting all partners involved. To thank is to praise both the giver and the receiver. Without the element of appreciation in a vision there is no yardstick by which to measure achieved outcomes.

 We need to dream and manifest…

We need to own our spiritual responsibilities to our environment…

Newton concluded that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is not just our responsibility as humans to care for the environment, and it is our duty as spiritual beings to recognize how every one of our actions impacts on our environment. This includes the waste created by our thoughts!

  But most importantly, we need to remember an ancient truth spoken before any word was ever spoken… we are ONE…


from Charles

We have to understand that the power of prayer, or focused intent is part and parcel of the system. Apart from asking the right questions, we need to imagine how we can use this ability of focusing intent for greater good. Where is it going to lead us? As we look at the whole situation in terms of the energy, if we can raise the energies, then we can raise our own energies.

When we look around the countryside now, it’s not quite true to say it is dead, but it is very dormant or sleepy. Nothing much is happening but there could be. Imagine the countryside as what it might look like in the future where there are people and activity everywhere, working, environmental issues no longer a concern, and so on. 

In the Caribbean, owning land is so important to its people because it gives the sense of responsibility; in many cases a square yard was enough for them to obtain their dream. 

Imagine a future of many, many small farms. The average farm size here for many of the areas is 100 acres of which 50 is cleared land and 50 is wood. 50 acres is enough. Not all 50 acres will grow crops other than grass but it is more than enough to feed many families. For those in authority, they need to accept the fact that this is the way of the future. The systems on these farms would have to be organic or biodynamic simply because the other system only destroys. We need a new system that works with nature, not subdues it.

 So in the countryside we need a balance of nature itself and people. Marketing systems of distributing the food that focus on self-sufficiency like those happening through CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or direct selling are keys to success.

We need to work with nature…

Now, thankfully, there is a growing interest in caring for the flora and fauna of the farm, but it has a long way to go. We need to encourage habitat of the birds and butterflies; we have to look upon weeds differently.

Finally, for people to be happy they have to be well grounded in the place. Eating food locally grown and having a sense of belonging to a home comes from nature.

We need to reconnect with ourselves…

We must not belittle our abilities and capacities, instead use our minds to create a vision of self-sufficiency.

Trees are a good example. Clear cutting may be good for making money but it is devastating for the rest of the flora and the fauna. We notice now that our river has flash floods which didn’t happen before. There are fewer trees to retain the water and so the rain regulates the water flow, not the trees, and the land is being washed out. 

We need to use our innate creativity…

When we consider the crop mixes, we find fewer varieties available. There would have to be a concentrated effort to get the seed stocks or animal livestock breeds available again. The big factory farm systems don’t require the breeds that are suitable for small farms. This has to be addressed, because without these we are not going to survive.

We need to learn from the past…

We need to consider breeds that are suitable for the area that you are in, preferably dual purpose, low feed cost - own or locally grown. We have to use the natural free cosmic and earth energies as we are doing now, to grow food of higher quality as was done in the past. There is always room for improvement - keep in mind our history from ancient civilizations and their errors. We have to realize then, that it is a spiritual problem, not just a physical problem. We have here the rock circles, labyrinths, and pyramid green houses. Since they have worked in the past, to not consider these ideas could be considered irresponsible.

I believe this can all be done in a way that we can all work together, but the effort must be made now. We need a political system that focuses on self-sufficiency. We need to know within ourselves what we want. All too often at farm meetings, the situation being talked about was reactive. We need to be proactive and hold a vision for the future. The government could help so much. Farm organizations are going to have to understand who they represent, just the big farms, or small ones, or both?

We need to value the gifts we have been given from Mother Earth, like the water, land, air…

We have to concern ourselves with water. We have to realize that water is a precious entity and we are linked to water. When we first start our existence we are about 90% water, leveling off at about 70% during the adult life.   Water has been shown to respond to positive focused intent thus removing the memory of chemical distortions.

All that I have used on my farm, the labyrinths, the earth circles, the pyramids, and biodynamics combine nicely into a package. These are merged together through the spiritual aspect of the whole, thus creating life, creating a living classroom where we can.

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